ATV Maintenance Tips And Tricks

Posted in ATV on 5 June 2020
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ATVs can be very fun and can bring lots of fun but as with everything in our life, they need proper care from time to time. If you ignore the maintenance, the ATV can break and it'll be expensive to repair and to get it back to running shape. While would you want to go through all this when you can easily prevent issues.

Check the breaks

Safety should be a priority while riding an ATV. If you ignore basic safety tips, you may hurt yourself really badly or even worst. The most important thing to check on an ATV is the breaks. I don't know about you but I like my breaks to function. If the breaks don't function, there is no way you can stop the ATV from going forward. Imagine the situation you would be if you go down a hill and you pull the break and it does not stop. That's scary. Be sure to check the breaks often and do not ignore them.

Check the oil and the battery

The heart of an ATV is its engine. We put oil in the engine to lubricate the moving parts inside the engine. Without the lubricant, the pistons would rub on the engine case and would get damaged. A bottle of oil is relatively cheap, for around $20-$30 a year, you can rest assured that the engine will work properly for a  long time and it will not require replacing.

The battery, on the other hand, is what powers all the electronic stuff on an ATV. If the battery gets damaged(does not hold a charge), then change it. Don't wait for too long to swap it for a new one. Without a battery, the ATV won't even start as it requires electricity to start up.

Clean it regularly

It's impossible to keep an ATV clean but we need to try. Dirt and water can damage the paint on it and lead to rust. Rust on an ATV is terrible and expensive to fix. While you can get some parts to replace, not all can be replaced. Washing it regularly minimizes the risk of rust destroying the ATVs paint.


This article is just a small guide with the most important things to check in order to be sure your ATV does not break. These tips are inexpensive and do not require lots of experience or time, in one hour tops you can do all of them. Take care of your ATV and treat it with respect.

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