ATV Tires Buying Guide

Posted in ATV on 6 June 2020
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ATV Tires for Mud and SnowSo it's time to replace the old tires on your ATV. Maybe you are satisfied with the old ones or maybe you want to switch to a better and cheaper model. Before you decide on which brand and model to pick, let's go through the basics.

Types of tires

Tires are built for different conditions, some tires perform better on snow while some do a lot better in mud or sand. The type of tire should be picked based on the surface you plan on using them. Not all tires are created equal.

All-terrain tires

All-terrain tires are the best compromise when it comes to performance. These tires are created to perform on any kind of surface but do not excel. The trade-off is that they are not the greatest performance tires for dedicated situations. What I mean by that is they will not perform as better a sand or mud tire. While they get you out of almost any situation, there are instances when you're not gonna be able to pass.

Sand tires

Riding in the sand can be troublesome. Specialized sand tires require a lower pressure for maximum traction. Depending on the area you live in, you may want to invest in good sand tires or get an all-terrain profile.

Mud tires

Mud tires have irregular threads and big. They are big to let the water pass fast between the threads so the tire can make contact with the solid surface in the mud. The grip is improved vs on a regular tire which will have problems getting traction. These tires can not be used on other surfaces, the ride can be quite uncomfortable.

Other ATV tires specs

Height of the tires

An ATV can be lifted a little bit by using taller tires. If the tires fit and do not rub against the chassis of the ATV, then they are fine. Having the ATV lifted is beneficial for situations where you need taller ground clearance, for instance riding in mud or snow.

Tire profile

The profile of the tire determines where you can use it. Profile dictates how fast the ATV will run with these tires. Flat tires are built for ATV racing and can handle medium to high speeds. Be sure to pick the profile of your ATV tires appropriately for the situation you need them to perform.


The treads of an ATV are important for the handling and performance of the tire. The treads of a tire for wet handling are designed to let the water pass through them fast so the rubber makes contact with the surface underneath. The treads of a snow tire, on the other hand, are not so tall as the ones for wet surfaces because the snow needs to be compact so the rubber makes contact with most of the surface.


If you are happy with your current brand and model and it's cheap, don't go and buy another brand. Stick to the current one. If you think there are better tires and priced accessibly, then go for a better tires model.

Remember to pick the tire that will fit your requirements.

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