Posted on 5 June 2020

The Hyperactive Stage is a completely independent online magazine. The staff is comprised of two persons, Doug and Josh.


The love for riding ATV started in 2010 when his father Marcus brought a new ATV to the farm. During his daily chores, Josh used the ATV to the full extent to complete different tasks around the farm. When he needed to repair the fence, the ATV helped him get around the farm fast and safe while still carrying materials on it.

After all these years, he still loves ATVs and he rides with his kids.


Doug's first contact with an ATV was about 5 years ago. While visiting his friend Josh, he decided to stay for a few days on the farm to help him rebuild the shed. The shed was destroyed during a storm.

Doug got accustomed to the ATV(a Polaris) really fast and enjoyed the feeling he got while driving the ATV.

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