A Guide And Analysis To Crisis Management


Each organization has its definition of crisis. The Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary (2010, defines crisis in terms of danger, difficulty, or confusion that occurs when important decisions or problems must be resolved. 

Risk Management professionals usually define a crisis as an event that disrupts the normal business operations of an organization. This may attract a lot of media attention and public scrutiny. 

Crisis management refers to the strategies and actions taken to prevent or mitigate the negative consequences of a crisis. You can also read full information about this topic via www.thereputationpeople.com/services/pr-cris-management/.


The most critical element of crisis management is the design and implementation of an organizational structure that will be in place during the crisis. The most preferred structure for crisis management is the matrix.

The selection of the crisis team is another issue that must be addressed. When deciding who should be assigned to the crisis team, consider the task's length and whether it will require full-time or part-time commitments from the members.

The crisis manager will then be responsible for developing the group into a productive working unit. The manager must remember that the goal of the unit is not to solve a crisis but to allow the rest of the organization to continue its daily operations.


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