All About Android Automation Tool

It is very important for Android application developers that only thoroughly tested Android applications enter the market. With so many different devices running potentially different versions of the android operating system, it can be very difficult to ensure that apps work properly on every device. 

However, it is important for users to find the app smoothly and give lots of stars to generate downloads. Many software developers rely on thorough modular testing. There are some companies that provide the best robot automation tool services in Austria.

Another popular Android automation tool is MonkeyRunner, which uses a Python implementation in Java known as Jython to navigate applications. This is best used when you want to switch through multiple emulators or devices. His approach is not based on successful or unsuccessful tests; Instead, it bypasses the app and clicks on the button to take screenshots everywhere and in certain places. 

There are several other evaluation tools, but among various Android automation tools, Robotium is the most popular and reliable. This test framework is designed to create simple, stable, and robust automated test cases for applications. Robotium helps test case developers write functions, acceptance scripts, and system tests covering multiple Android activities. 

In addition to the following advantages, the use of robots also has the following properties:

  • Strong test cases can be written quickly with little information about the application being tested.

  • Application programming interfaces (APIs) are available to allow direct interaction with the user interface within the application.

  • Android 1.6 and above versions are officially supported by it.

  • Robotium does not change the Android platform.

  • The command line can be used to run tests.

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