All About Spring Tree Planting

The best time of year to plant trees is the very beginning of spring. This is before the buds start to form. It is cool enough and stable enough for the tree's root system to be established before the summer heat and heavy spring rains threaten it. 

To ensure that your tree survives and thrives, it is important to plant it correctly. The leading cause of tree death in newly planted trees is improper planting. To get tree planting services, you can check out

tree planting

Try to choose a spot with enough sun and loose, nonclay soil that is at least a reasonable distance from your home. To calculate this distance, you should first research the size of a mature tree of the same type. Then you can work from there. You will need to dig a hole three times the size of the root ball of your baby trees. This will ensure that the tree is not planted too deep and that the soil around its base allows for root expansion. 

Make sure you have straight branches from all angles before filling your hole. Be gentle, but firm when filling your hole with dirt. Too much soil around your tree can cause it to erode, and the tree may fall over. 

Mulch the tree's base. Mulching your tree will retain moisture and reduce competition. Mulch options are numerous, so choose one that you feel most comfortable with. 

After your tree is established, you should hire a tree service to maintain it. They will trim it and inspect it after major storms. These experts can spot potential danger signs and diseases early on and may be able to save your tree if something goes wrong. 

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