All You Need To Know About Resilience Training For Managers

Stress management and resilience are not the same things. Reactive stress management is what you do when there's a crisis. Resilience, on the other hand, is proactive. It teaches people how to develop the ability and skills to be ready for the next crisis and the one that follows.

You can help your employees understand that resilience training is about learning to cope with setbacks and challenges in a new way. You can also look for the best resilience training for managers through

Resilience Training

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Experts say that being resilient can help you not only get through stressful times but also allow you to grow and improve your life.

The term resilience, originally derived from mechanics, refers to objects that retain their shape under stress. 

The term resilience can also be used in psychology to describe robustness and mental health. Research on resilience has long focused on the question of how some people can recover from severe crises like violence or torture while others struggle with severe psychological consequences all their lives.

Training in resilience at work is intended to give employees the skills that can be used in situations where torture or violence has occurred.

The ability to cope with high-stress levels and crises constructively is called resilience. In the corporate setting, resilience is often discussed. Resilience training is offered to employees by companies to help them stay healthy even under stress.

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