Asbestos and Cancer Understanding the Correlation

Newcastle asbestos

Cancer is a deadly disease and asbestos is emerging as a major factor causing the ailment. That’s also the reason why the asbestos Newcastle removal service is gaining traction. Let’s understand what these tiny fibres are and how they can cause cancer.

Introduction to Asbestos

A fibrous silicate, asbestos occurs naturally and comprises long and thin fibrous crystals. During abrasion, small fibrils present in asbestos get released in the open air. Being one of the best insulators, the material found a good place in construction material before the ‘80s. But it affects the human respiratory system adversely and once released, it causes problems for the human body.

How Asbestos Causes Cancer?

You can have the fibres present in your home’s living room walls or the office cabinet’s ceiling. However, it isn’t always harmful. It causes trouble only when the fibrils release into the air. It causes cancer when the friable asbestos enters the lungs and sticks to the body’s internal organs. Since the human body doesn’t know how to break asbestos, it can stay inside for years before converting to its cancerous form. And, it can cause different cancers.

Asbestos Cancer Types

  • Mesothelioma: This cancer occurs on the thin membrane lining of the heart, lungs, chest, and other internal organs. Asbestos causes the uncontrolled growth of tissues within the organ. The cancer is common in asbestos mining area workers and those working with products carrying a large quantity of fibre.
  • Lung Cancer: If you are working in milling, mining, or asbestos use, you are likely to develop lung cancer due to asbestos exposure. Since lungs can’t stand against non-dissolving fibres, they cause cancer.
  • Other Cancer Types: Kidney, colon, stomach, larynx, esophagus, and oral cavity cancers are commonly caused by asbestos.

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