Baby Blessings And Ceremonies In Israel

Baby blessings and ceremonies are performed for the parents who wish to introduce their new baby to life and acknowledge the connection between physical life and spirit and welcome them into their family. They can have spiritual connotations, or a desire for happiness and positivity can be expressed.

In both cases, the baby will be given the blessings of a good life, love and health. Many blessings can be fulfilled. You can also browse to know more about baby blessing and ceremonies.

Blessing of roses with oil blessing and candle lighting ceremony. Choose from a water bowl or jug, and add ceremonial crystals and earthen circles to each blessing for babies and parents to stand on during the holidays.

Additional blessing rituals can be added:

Simple Blessing

A simple ceremony in which the parents hold the baby as they and/or the godparents/siblings/grandparents recite the chosen to bless, or the baby is gently handed over to each person as they bless the baby.

Rose Blessing

Pink, white, yellow and red roses sprinkled on your baby, each brings a special and meaningful blessing associated with the color symbolism. Each petal flower is kept in a separate bowl or basket, and parents, family or guests can sprinkle the petals on the baby when the blessing is spoken.

Water Blessing

A water bowl or jug of your choice, filled with purified and blessed water, is used to drain the crown, hands and feet with the chosen blessing.

Oil Blessing

Babies are anointed with blessed organic oil (hypoallergenic) with a circle, a symbol of immortality (or a sign of your choice, such as a cross or the side of the number eight as a symbol of infinity). The crown, eyebrows, heart, hands and feet are anointed, each with a specific blessing.

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