Benefits of Frameless Glass Fencing In Sydney

One of the latest trends in modern backyard design is frameless glass fencing. For homeowners, architects and builders, glass fencing offers attractive benefits as a unique safety barrier option. It is quickly growing in popularity as a stylish alternative to traditional wood, iron, mesh, and aluminum fences.

Aside from its beautiful aesthetic,glass fence in Sydney also has plenty of practical benefits as well as important safety features when used as a pool barrier. 

Deciding whether to invest in a glass fence? Consider these benefits:

1. Keep children and pets safe

A glass pool fence will prevent children and pets from accessing the pool unsupervised, giving you peace of mind. Climb-resistant glass panels allow clear views to monitor the pool area, and gates have self-closing latches and hinges. Engineered to meet pool code requirements, Aqua view pool fences are designed to keep children safe.

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2. Enhance the visual appeal of your backyard

Elegant and modern, glass fencing offers security without sacrificing style. Its simplicity in design and luxurious appearance sets it apart from wood, iron, and aluminum fencing. An attractive addition to any pool, patio, deck, garden or terrace.

3. Maintain clear unobstructed views

Frameless glass fencing is constructed with tempered glass panels held in place by stainless-steel clamps. It is nearly invisible, providing clear, unobstructed views and a seamless flow from indoor to outdoor space. The perfect choice for any location where you want the security benefits of a fence without blocking the view.

4. Increase your property value

More than a simple home improvement, glass fencing is an investment that adds value to your property. It transforms any deck, patio, or terrace into an elegant focal point that looks like it should belong in a lifestyle magazine. For those looking to buy and flip homes, frameless glass fencing is a no-brainer.

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