Benefits Of Lawn Aeration

Ventilation of your lawn is one of the most important things you can do to keep your lawn healthy and attractive. According to the Lawn Institute, the aeration process reduces the build-up of hay in your yard and opens air, water, and nutrient channels to reach the grass roots. You can also find the best lawn aeration services in Maryland through the internet.

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In dry conditions, moisture can reach thirsty roots through the vents. In heavy rain, the vent allows air to enter the yard and dries excess moisture before it becomes a source of disease.

How to aerate the grass

Some lawn aerators use cavities to penetrate the grass, extract tiny seeds from the ground, and deposit them in the grass. Others use a carbide tip to drill holes in the ground without removing the plug. Although either method may work, most experts agree that a core aerator is best because it is more effective at removing hay accumulation and less likely to contribute to compaction.

A professional lawn care service will air your yard for a fee, but many homeowners choose to do it themselves. Lawn aerators can be purchased or rented from many garden centers, workshops, and retail stores. 

Why is lawn aeration important

It is estimated that more than two-thirds of the lawn is currently planted on compacted soil. This can be caused by too much compaction or too little subsoil in the initial classification, but can also be caused by heavy pedestrian or vehicle traffic, long-term accumulation of hay, and high clay content in the soil.

If you are not sure whether your lawn needs to air out, you can check it by removing a small section of grass. Use your hand or a shovel to scrape the soil from the ground until you find the roots. If the grass roots stick only an inch or two into the soil, your soil will likely be compact and can benefit from aeration.

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