Commercial Real Estate Leases – Questions To Ask Your Real Estate Agent

If you're looking to rent commercial property in the West Midlands, you're in luck. Due to the history of industrial growth, decline, and rebirth in the area, there are many areas and types of property for rent, ranging from warehouses to office space to retail stores.

If you are looking to lease commercial property, here are some tips and guidelines to follow before you decide to sign on the dotted line:-

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Internal and external support: You need to know who is responsible for maintenance on your rental site. It includes both internal and external areas. If you are in charge, you should also find out what level of maintenance to expect as you may be billed for wear and tear at the end of the lease.

Compliance with standards: If you operate your business from one location, you must meet certain standards related to health, safety and fire risk in the building. Find out if you or the landowner are responsible for maintaining proper standards.

Building Insurance: You will likely be responsible for ensuring your content, but make sure you are responsible for ensuring the building yourself or it is included in your rental costs.

Getting the Classification Right: To manage your business from the premises, you need to make sure that the building has the correct classification for the type of business you want to manage. Find out if it is your responsibility.

Disabled Access Requirements: All commercial buildings must meet certain standards and requirements to allow disabled access. Find out if you have a responsibility to comply with these standards and pay for any changes that are needed.

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