Common Excavation Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them

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Excavation lies at the core of a construction project, be it an interstate highway or a pool in your backyard. Although excavators are trained to do the job with the utmost care, many accidents still happen on-site. While the job is a risky affair, it creates several pitfalls for the professionals, leading to (sometimes) unexpected injuries. If you are into the excavation or getting the job done on your land, here’s how you can avoid falling into the most common pitfalls.

The Right Equipment Choice

Fragile, loose rocks are a source of excavation-related hazards. Clearly, when you dig the ground, it may fight back with one or the other rock. However, you can prevent injuries (or even rocks from falling apart in the first place) with the right equipment. A professional knows various machines like trenchers, excavators, diggers, and dumpers, and which one to choose to avoid falls and other workplace problems.

Properly Isolating the Area

Isolation is a crucial part of pre-excavation planning. This helps you keep people out of the danger zone. However, despite preparations, other problems might occur on-site. Such issues might lead to machine damage, causing long-term losses. You can look out for uncooperative land patches, immovable rocks, tree roots, uncharted cables, and other signs to prevent such issues.

Plan Proper Digging and Recycling

When digging the land, excavators find a lot more than just land, soil, and rocks. There could be concrete hunks, pipes, plastic, and much more. Thus, you must plan recycling and waste dumping beforehand to avoid problems later.

These are some common pitfalls that need attention, and you can rest assured of everything being taken care of when you hire Brisbane earthmoving professionals.

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