Controlled Autonomous Robot For Early diagnosis And Rehabilitation Of Autism

What’s autism? And how can modern robots somehow help stimulate children with autism? 

Autism is a spectrum condition and the acronym “ASD” stands for “Autism Spectrum Disorder”, meaning there are a lot of different ways a person can have autism. 

Because autism conditions are very diverse, some educators say that “when you have seen a child with autism, inferring that it is difficult or not helpful to generalize too much about autism. Therefore, This type of autistic children issue should be handled by ​​interactive robots for kids from to learn some social skills.

Conversely, Raymond, the main character in the famous movie “Rain Man” has both autism and an extraordinary gift for math calculus but that stereotype can be misleading as the people with savant-like skills are only a very tiny minority among all the people with autism.

Finally, it is good practice to say “people with autism” or “children with autism” instead of “autistic people” or “autistic children” because in doing so, we do not reduce the person to his or her autistic condition.

For a start, autism can translate into difficulty with social communication and people with autism may have difficulties understanding the meaning of different tones of voice (a child might not understand and obey a teacher who scolds him with a harsh tone of voice) or double meanings. 

Autism can also translate into difficulty with social body language and for example, a woman with autism might not understand unwritten social conversation rules and might get hold of the hand of the man she is talking to and stand very close to him during the conversation, thus possibly upsetting the man she is having a conversation with. 

At school, a boy with autism might prefer playing alone by himself rather than with his schoolmates and might also have difficulties doing pretend play (ie, pretending to cook by using a child cooking set).

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