Gutter Guards Are The Solution To Overflowing Rain

Due to regional tastes and architectural styles, not all homes have roof gutters. However, for most homes and commercial buildings, the need to channel rainwater from the roof to the ground requires the use of rain gutters.

Evaluating Rain Gutters

Valor Gutter Guards from AK Enterprises Roofing are troughs placed at the bottom edge of your roof to collect and channel rain run-off. 

In this way, your foundation is protected from becoming flooded by the water that would otherwise pool on the ground beneath the roof, potentially causing structural damage such as cracks and basement flooding.

There are many types and styles of rain gutters available to homeowners. Rain gutters come in several types, sizes and shapes called profiles. 

Rain Gutters Protection

Every home needs gutter protection from excess rainwater because overflowing gutters and leaking water from your gutters can damage your home. 

Rain gutter protection is an important factor in properly maintaining the integrity of your home. 

But if you have ordinary open gutters, they can collect leaves, twigs, and other debris, which can:

  • Create leaks around windows and doors

  • Cause rot to develop around your eaves, soffit, and fascia

  • Damage your flower gardens and shrubbery

  • Seep into the ground around your foundation, which eventually causes cracks and basement flooding

  • Attract pests, critters, insects, and mold.

  • Put you in danger while climbing ladders to clean out your gutters.

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