Holistic Approach To Reverse Cancer

Conventional methods do not cure cancer, as they prolong life for a few years. Conventional treatments can kill cancer cells but often the cancer comes back later. Because conventional treatments do not address the root causes of cancer, this is why so many people choose to recur with their existing treatment.

Conventional medicine attempts to cure cancer, but alternative medicine claims that there is a "cure" and that the holistic mind-body-spirit approach (energy) is the best. Learn more about alternative medicine by visiting icrmc.org.

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Holistic methods can include natural methods, products, and methods. Holistic techniques, methods, or products have never been the subject of clinical trials that are well-funded.

There are holistic clinics that specialize in treating cancer. They claim that holistic treatment is more effective than traditional treatments for multiples. Some holistic doctors claim that holistic treatment for cancer can lead to a five-year survival rate of up to 90% depending on the type.

More clinical trials of natural supplements are now being done. These trials can be very costly and not affordable for holistic practitioners, clinics, or organizations.

They are now being used in universities. There is naturally resistance to holistic methods, products, and methods.

People diagnosed with cancer tend to choose conventional treatment over alternative therapies. Alternative medicine and holistic approaches are at a distinct disadvantage. The body suffers massively from conventional treatment, especially radiation and chemotherapy.

The holistic approach to cancer treatment is used after conventional treatments have failed. If the patient chooses an alternative therapy earlier, the holistic approach will have a higher cure rate.

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