How Teeth Whitening Services Work

Many people who have embarrassing stains on their teeth can benefit from whitening. Others, however, choose teeth shining to improve the beauty of their smiles.

There are several methods to shine your teeth. Some require you to attend multiple sessions and others provide immediate results. Teeth Bleaching Services is an option for those who have limited time. Teeth Whitening Services takes just one hour. Depending on the severity of discoloration or stains, the teeth can be lightened up to ten shades.

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This method of shining teeth is simple and doesn't involve pain. Teeth shining Services are not painful. Your dentist will perform a shade assessment on your teeth and an oral exam before you start the process. The actual process begins once this has been completed. First, you will need to prepare your gums and lips.

After the shining gel has been applied to your teeth, a special light is used to activate it. The entire procedure is completed with a fluoride treatment that takes five minutes. This is it! You can walk out with a sparkling, beautiful smile!

Teeth Whitening Services uses pH-balanced hydrogen peroxide in its gel. This Hydrogen Peroxide penetrates the enamel to remove discoloration or stains. This procedure does not require you to return for multiple visits. With a simple touch-up at home, your teeth can stay sparkling for many years. Proper care is crucial. Teeth shining Services will not protect you against future discoloration due to excessive use of tobacco, coffee, and colas, or substance abuse.

When performed by a qualified dentist, this method is 100% safe. Zoom Teeth Whitening is not recommended for pregnant or nursing women and children under 13 years old. This procedure can cause sensitivity to cold for up to three days.


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