How to Roast Coffee Beans

To be able to consume coffee beans, the coffee beans must be roasted first. Before roasting, the coffee beans are green and small. When roasted, the coffee beans expand and during this process the color, smell and taste of the coffee beans change. 

Once roasted, coffee beans can quickly lose their freshness, which is why the roasting process is usually done just before consumption. The process of roasting coffee beans begins with sorting the coffee beans from the remnants of coffee beans that may be mixed when picked and opened. 

This can be done by hand or with a machine called a hopper. Then the beans can be placed in the roast. You can now get coffee bags online if you are interested in buying roasted coffee beans. 

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Bakers are usually metal drums arranged horizontally. Then they twist and circulate the nipple through a heat source under the drum. This heat source can be anything – from natural gas, to petroleum gas, to wood. Bakers typically operate at temperatures above 400 degrees, although different types of beans differ in the ideal roasting temperature. Bake for up to thirty minutes.

The degree of roasting varies – from light roasting to double roasting – depending on how long and how hot the beans are. For a light roast, the seeds are simply roasted long enough for them to come out and grow very large. To roast beans to their darkest level, they need to be roasted twice and cooked longer and hotter until they start to smoke and scorch.

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