Popular Printers that Print with Smartphone Connections

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In today’s world, smartphones have become more a necessity. We use our smartphones to read news, watch videos, transfer and share documents and pictures easily and while saving time. In the event of a documents, having a hard copy is a must especially during an emergency. For instance; while moving to a different place having a hard copy of the document is a must which isn’t possible every time. However, with the use of our smartphones, we can easily print the document that is stored inside the phone by connecting to a printer. These are some of the popular printers that can be easily connected with our smartphone.

  1. Hewlett-Packard – The Hewlett-Packard or HP printer is great especially with its features. A great feature is the built-in software which offers seamless connectivity with the phone. The connectivity of HP printer with the phone is via same wireless network and you are good to go for printing whatever you need. If you use an iPhone even better as you can directly connect with the HP printer via AirPrint app and simply hit the print option.
  2. Canon – Canon printers are great for those who don’t get or understand about technology. It is easy to connect your phone with the canon printer by downloading the Canon printer app. At the time of printing, the printer will ask you to choose Canon before the document is printed. Select that option and your document will be printed by the printer in no-time. 

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