Solar LED Panel Lights For Your Home

The latest solar-powered home LED lights are available. These modern lights can be used outdoors without relying on traditional electricity sources and are therefore a dream come true for designers.

How solar-powered LED lights were created:

Since solar power was made portable, people have been thinking of many uses for solar power. Solar power's portability made it attractive for outdoor lighting. It replaced the need for unsightly extension leads that were too long and bulky. Visit the site for more information regarding buying solar LED panels.


Initial attempts were made to use compact fluorescent lights (CFL) bulbs. However, the solar panels couldn't produce enough power for the lights that they could burn bright enough.

The solar light market was therefore limited to areas near the Equator that receive a lot of sunlight. Even then, the size of the solar panels and batteries needed to be large enough for the longest nights, the shortest days, and the cloudiest conditions.

Manufacturers realized that LED lights were ideal for solar lighting when they first hit the market. They burned brightly and required minimal power. The solar lighting market has expanded beyond the equatorial regions with the highest temperature and direct sunlight, thanks to technological advances in home solar power LED lamps.

What technological advances were made and how did these benefits affect the solar market?

They were:

1. Optimized system efficiency

LED lights can now optimize current flows so that no power is lost, resulting in almost 100 percent system efficiency.

2. You can fine tune LED's

Programmable solar LED lights allow users to choose not only where but also when and how brightly they are delivered. This has allowed for a 50% reduction in the size of the solar panel and battery.

3. Effective illumination

LED lights can provide directional beams that emit light. Around 90% of the light can be used as ambient lighting, and 70% for task lighting. A 45 lumen LED bulb can produce the same amount of light as a 75-lumen CFL bulb. This results in lower electricity consumption and lower costs to run a home solar lighting system.


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