The Benefits Of Using Olive Oil Soap

When the ancient Greeks wanted to clean their bodies, they took a bottle of olives. The oil sticks to the dirt on the face and body, then the dirt is scraped off. As Western Civilization, soda was added to oil, and this combination is considered the first olive soap.

Over the centuries, making soap from various ingredients such as algae, minerals, and other oils has made soap a unique endeavor. France decided to make money from soap making and a soap factory was founded in Marseille in the 6th century. This factory produces bar soap for bathing and cleaning laundry.You can also buy olive oil soap via

Other soap factories opened in Lisbon and Genoa, but the quality of the soap was mediocre because the soap formula was controversial until a French chemist found a formula that stabilized the soap ingredients.

The new French formula forms the basis for soap making and the Marseille factory is certified by the French government to produce the formula. All other soap makers must adhere to this new soap formula, which uses olive oil as its main ingredient.

Olive oil production in France was slow and the end product was unstable, so Greece started making soap with olive oil from Crete. Cretan production increased and the island became a major source of olive soap, but it is still called Marseille soap. Soap production became big business in Crete, so soap production spread to other Greek islands. The Heraklion soap factory adds fragrance to their soap, which gives the body a pleasant aroma after bathing. Even sheets cleaned with soap have a pleasant smell, so scented soaps became popular in the 19th century.

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