Types Of Cushions For Your Patio Chairs

Cushions are a type of slip-on furniture that has a backing, usually foam, on one or both sides. When these cushions are used outside, they provide comfort and can also act as a kind of shield to protect furniture or plants from the elements, thus conserving them from wear and tear. There are many types of cushions available and are made of different materials. Some examples of these types are garden chair cushions, patio chair cushions, outdoor cushions, poolside cushions, dining room cushions, coffee tables, end tables, and folding patio cushions. This article briefly discusses the benefits and uses of each type of cushions.

Garden chair cushions reviewed at choicemart.co.uk are specifically designed and manufactured for wheelchair users who need to sit on these chairs for extended periods of time in a variety of outdoor settings. They are specifically designed to provide sufficient support to minimize stress and strain on the back. A cushion is simply a bag of plush material, typically filled with fiber, synthetic fibers, wool, feathers, or polyester, which may be affixed to an existing chair, lounger, or other piece of furniture. They are designed to provide pressure relief to the user by reducing the angle of the spine and also redistribute body weight by providing a slight inward curve to the spinal cord. Wikipedia has more information regarding pressure relief cushion here.

A pillow is also a form of cushion. They are normally made of foam covered with layers of various textures, sometimes with gel or special gel to provide more comfort, but most often with down, feather, wool, cotton, or polyfill. Typically, there is a hole at the bottom to allow gravity to pull the cushions upright, but at the same time prevent them from tipping backwards as well. Depending upon your personal preference, you can buy a variety of different shapes and sizes of pillows as well as different densities of foam.

Water-resistant cushions are a type of gel cushion and provide additional comfort and protection to wheelchair users who are frequently in contact with water. They are also popular among joggers, cross-trainers, and those who like to swim. Water-resistant cushions are available in various thicknesses to best suit your body type and water activities. They are usually made of materials that repel water like nylon, packing materials like cotton, wool, and water-resistant foam, and have an attractive non-slip pattern to help keep the body of the user dry.

One of the most durable, but least attractive forms of cushion is the cording foam pillow. These are generally made of high quality polyurethane foam with an open cell structure. Some varieties are completely waterproof and some are not. The open cells of the cell allow air to pass through them, while keeping liquids and moisture at bay. Many varieties feature cording tops and bottoms for added protection against chafing and slipping. Most are rated for recommended weight limits.

Foam contoured topper cushions are made of specialized foam materials to specifically fit and support the user's body and the surrounding area. They are designed to provide the necessary support when a person experiences a sudden collapse e.g. from sitting down too long. These cushions are most ideal to be used in areas where there is the risk of losing balance, slipping, and falling. They are not recommended for individuals with back problems as they are unable to properly align themselves.

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