Types Of Women Kurtis According To Every Occasion

Whether it is clothing, food, or decoration, Indians have a preppy taste that makes them really attractive and attractive. It is not a dead-end when it comes to ethnic clothing or traditional dresses. Indian ethnic clothing comes in a wide variety that everyone can choose from individually. But depending on the climate and humidity situations in the area, dresses are selected.

In a country of vivacity like India, women love to wear Indian saris, salwar suits, Kurtis, and tunics with their complementary bottoms, blouses, and different types of salwar. In the urban world, women and girls find Kurtis and tunics as a perfect fit for every occasion and event. You can find the best embroidered Kurtis at https://www.brandsea.com/.

But if you nail it correctly, only you will know that there is no confusion in knowing the different types of Kurtis. Here is a list of Kurtis that every woman should know to take a better step when shopping for her 'Indian ethnic clothing' necessities.

Straight Kurtis

Generally, straight Kurtis has a longer design and style. This type of Kurtis is available in various traditional works, fabrics, and stunning colors. A straight georgette Kurti is one of the best that can also be worn in summer. This Kurtis goes well in casual gatherings and college days.

Cut A Kurtis

Speaking of the shape only, A-line Kurtis has a wider bottom hem and goes down like 'A'. This type of Kurti is narrower at the top and wider at the end. These are dressed regularly and can be worn to any event.

Kurtis Shirt

Like any other button-down shirt, shirt-style Kurtis has a long button placket with a regular collar. But today, Kurtis or kurtas shirts are available in amazing designs, various types of collars, and sleeves.

Asymmetric Kurtis

The fun hems and shape on the bottom edge of this Kurti make all the difference. Asymmetrical Kurtis can be short, medium, and long. Generally, its uneven bottom end defines its true appearance.


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