Understand The Importance Of An Inventory System For Linens

The job of a hospital administrator is never finished. It is your job to ensure that everything runs smoothly, that patients are taken care of, and that costs are controlled despite the rising cost of almost everything. 

It is important to control inventory to keep hospital overheads low. However, hiring more staff to manage linens, wash and sterilize them, fold them and store them might break the bank.

A professional linen service from AAA Tea Towels is a simple solution. A professional linen service will take care of all your linen needs. 

They can also keep a tight check on your inventory. Consider the benefits of hiring a professional to clean your hospital linens and keep them sterile before you decide that you don't have the budget for it.

Improved Patient Care

The staff has more important tasks than sterilizing sheets and folding hospital towels correctly. However, these functions are vital for patient care. Patients demand and deserve clean, comfortable, and wrinkle-free linens. 

Professional linen services know how to remove stains from body fluids, cafeteria food, and other foods without using harsh chemicals that could irritate sensitive skin.

Instead of worrying that nurses will spend their precious time looking for clean sheets, you can rest easy knowing that professional linen services will ensure that the linen closet is always stocked with ready-to-use linens.

Lower costs

Hospital administrators are reluctant to use professional linen services because of the high cost. However, the cost is much less than the alternative option of doing it in-house. Professional laundry equipment is expensive and requires a range of stain-fighting agents and employees.

Hospitals are often short on both space and staff. It is expensive to maintain a professional laundry. A hospital will need people to wash, fold, and distribute linens. It also needs space to store them. 


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