What After Wisdom Teeth Removal?

Wisdom teeth often referred to as the third molars are nothing but the teeth that develop during adulthood. These were once helpful for our ancestors who lost their teeth at a much young age because of their food habits. 

In the current era, in most cases, they cause problems such as discomfort and severe pain. You can get more information about the best wisdom teeth surgery via https://txoss.com/wisdom-teeth-extraction-colleyville-tx/. 

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Here are some things you should know to care for yourself post wisdom teeth removal surgery:

What can you expect after Wisdom Teeth Removal Sydney?

First of all, immediately after the procedure, you can expect to be very groggy after the procedure. There is nothing to panic about, and this is because you will be given anesthesia during the procedure. Driving yourself home after wisdom teeth removal is not suggested. Ensure someone who will be supportive of you accompanies you:

The dentist will place gauze pads on the surgical site for some time and let you bite down gently over it to subside bleeding. Once the blood starts clotting, everything will be fine.

Some swelling is also common after surgery. You can try placing some ice packs over your cheek to relieve yourself. If you feel you are bleeding too much or you are feeling much pain, visit your dentist immediately.

Oral Hygiene after removal of Wisdom Teeth surgery

Maintaining good oral hygiene is, and we are taught this from our childhood. But maintaining good oral hygiene is very important especially after wisdom teeth removal. Although oral health is an important factor, you must take care not to disturb the surgical site.


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