What Is Blockchain Technology?

Blockchain is an intelligent discovery that cannot be denied, practically revolutionizing the global business market. The development has brought greater benefits not only to the company but also to beneficiaries. However, because this is a revelation for the world, the vision of operational activity is still unclear. The most important question that exists on everyone's mind is: 

What is Blockchain?

First of all, Blockchain technology functions as a platform that allows transmission of digital information without the risk of copying. He sort of laid the foundation for a strong backbone of the new type of internet space. You can also get more info about blockchain at https://www.supercolony.net/

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Initially developed to handle Bitcoin – Tech fans who tried to explain the algorithmic function, the hash function and digital signature property to lay, today found other potential applications from this perfect discovery to pave the way for new business processes in the world.

A well-defined blockchain is a type of algorithm and structure to distribute data for electronic money management without central administrative interference programmed to record all financial transactions and everything is valuable.

Blockchain work.

Blockchain can be understood as a distributed ledger technology that was developed to support Bitcoin Cryptocurrency. But after strong criticism and rejection, technology has been redesigned for use in a more productive way.

To get a clear picture, imagine a practical table lifting pitch many times on several computer systems. And then imagine that this network is designed to update the table from time to time. This is exactly the blockchain.

Information stored in Blockchain is a common sheet, whose data is compared to time. This is an easy way that has many real advantages. Together, Blockchain data is not in the same place. This means that all stored there are open to inspection and public inspection. In addition, there is no center storage platform that hackers can damage. Nearly one million computer systems have 

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