What Is Penetrating Sealer Used For?

Concrete is porous, which means it contains tiny holes that allow moisture to escape. Over time, moisture can cause problems such as discoloration, mold, and cracks in the concrete. A penetration sealer is designed to protect against moisture by creating a chemical barrier made of a water-resistant material in the concrete. You can also know more about penetrating sealers via chemron.com.au/sealers-floor-coatings/.

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It completely penetrates the concrete and provides excellent protection, while a layer of local sealer covers only the top.

There are many reasons to consider using a penetrating sealer in your home or business. Apart from sealing porous surfaces and retaining moisture, it can also extend the life of your concrete, protect it from stains, and more.

Protecting Surface Materials

Penetrating sealers preserve porous surfaces in several ways. Excessive porosity in cement and other porous materials can cause premature deterioration over time. As mentioned earlier, this can also increase the risk of staining, which creates aesthetic complications for the porous material around your assets. A penetrating sealer preserves the material by significantly decreasing the amount of oil and water penetrating the surface.

Waterproofing Porous Surfaces

Perhaps the main job of a penetrating sealer is to protect concrete and other porous materials from moisture and water. Without a reliable sealer, porous surfaces run the risk of damage, mildew, and other problems. High-quality penetrating sealers repel water and oil and allow the concrete to breathe. 

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