What Is The Use Of Leak Testing And Where Is It Done?

Foodstuffs, cosmetic products, and medical products are more often sealed to protect them from deformation. However, flaws to the packaging, such as pinhole or bad seal, may compromise the quality of the product, leading to serious issues.

These leaks can be caused by either the sealing seam or the packaging material. Innovative solutions are required to quickly and accurately detect even the smallest leaks. That is why package leak detectors are used to determine leaks in packages.

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Foods that are not sealed properly can cause spoilage or a shortening of shelf life. This can lead to increased costs for returning goods, unhappy customers, and damage to the reputations of food manufacturers and machine manufacturers.

A leak testing method can also be used to verify the integrity of hermetically sealed packages. Hermetically sealed IC packaging is used in high reliability industrial and military applications that are susceptible to moisture penetration.

Leak testing involves measuring the pressure difference between products with leaks and those that have leaks. To prevent any compromises in product quality, leak testing is essential.

The pressure difference between the chamber and the pressurized chamber can be used to measure small leaks. Larger leaks can be detected using volume measurements. There are two types of large leak measurement methods: tank partial pressure type and tank pressurization type.

In order to select the measurement method appropriate to the work, various factors, such as the shape and internal volume of the work, as well as the test pressure and chamber residual volume must be checked by experiments in advance.


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